Here are a few links, mostly related to the "simpler" aspects of model railroading as well as the ones I've mentioned elsewhere. This area is new and a work in progress, so if you know of any other links that might be appropriate, send me a note and I'll add them. (And please let me know if any of the following links are broken.)

Vendors /
Lots of model trains and train sets. From what I've read (and experienced) while their trains might not be known for the highest quality, they are still very good and reasonably priced. I've been happy with my Bachmann equipment and wouldn't hesitate to purchase more. (Bachmann also hosts a user forum.)

High quality trains and sets, mostly in N scale. The Superchief set I have is beautiful.

Woodland Scenics
All things scenery - mentioned several times before. They have some good instructional videos. If you haven't already, check them out.

I've been purchasing lots of my stuff from them since the beginning. They seem to have (or can get) almost anything. While their prices are pretty good, they take a long time before shipping an order. If you need something in a hurry, this isn't the place to order it.

Model Train Stuff
Another vendor I've used for trains and track.

Plastruct, Evergreen, Titchy
Plastic building material.

RS Laserkits
As the name implies, a nice selection of laser-cut kits.

PeriodicalsModel Railroader Magazine
Most likely you've seen Model Railroader Magazine. It's a "go-to" type of publication for the hobby.

Besides the magazine, I subscribe to their Video Plus - some very well-done videos (a bargain at $2.25 a month if you're a magazine subscriber).

They also offer a membership to, with access to electronic versions of all Kalmbach Publishing's train-related magazines - something that would be pretty cool. I tried a free 30-day subscription, but, unfortunately, could never get it to work. Their tech support was not able to help. Maybe you'll have better luck.


and Tutorials
NTrack, Z-Track
These groups focus on creating modules to specific standards in their respective scales so that they can be shared with others, creating larger layouts.

I have not participated (yet), but it's a neat idea.

The Terrain Tutor
A good video on using air-dry clay.

DIY and Digital Railroad
Many very good videos - a number of them (here and here for example) are perfect for those new to the hobby, looking for a basic way to start and proceed.


Train StuffWhyte Notation
Information about the classification of steam locomotives - it's mostly about the wheels.

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