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 Boston Type & Comp Grid

What the heck is a Comp-Grid?


In 1981, after a few years in the printing industry, I started Boston Type, a typesetting and graphics company in Glendale, California.

After I became interested in computers, I designed a measuring device to help computer users fill out forms on their dot matrix printers. We sold a few thousand Comp-Grids, mostly at computer shows. It was lots of fun developing and marketing a product. While we made a little money on the project, laser printers soon rendered the Comp-Grid relatively useless.

Not long after that, computers made typesetting services pretty much useless as well.


Here are a few photos (35+ years old - yikes!) of Boston Type's staff.

Rhonda and me, selling
typesetting and Comp-Grids
at a trade show.

Lisa, my first employee.

Here I am, trying to figure out
why I have all those rulers.

Rhonda, Darlene and Lisa.

Lisa and Rhonda playing with
our new typesetter in May '84.

In February 1985, we linked our
 first computer (a Kaypro) with
the typesetter.

We became famous for our annual Boston T parties. Here's our first in October of 1982.

In 1985, we got our first Macintosh computer. Here is Kirk from Computerland installing it.