Day 1  Planning
Same table, about three years apart...

New Beginning
...and about a year after that.

Someone new to the hobby (any hobby I would imagine) has a number of available paths to follow, but it isn't necessary to choose one right away. There's plenty of time for playing and experimentation. You may wind up to be a "rivet-counter" (someone who strives for a very high level of accuracy) or you may enjoy running your passenger trains on a schedule, or your freights to a manifest.

And you may eventually donate your first train set when you start the benchwork on your room-sized empire. But you may just want to watch the train go around on a table – or under a tree.

Don't be intimated by the extensive layouts you see, and don't feel pressured to pursue goals that might not be your own. One of the things that makes this hobby great is the many ways to enjoy it.

Other people may give you their ideas, theories and opinions. (I sure have!) But there is no right or wrong – unless you're not having fun, of course, because if you're not having fun, you are doing it wrong! ;)

I wish there were more publications, articles and web sites devoted to smaller, simpler dioramas and abstract techniques - perhaps a web site devoted to train set-based layouts. (Maybe there's one out there, but I haven't found it.)

A simpler approach to modeling presents many challenges not usually documented, and it would be wonderful to read other modelers' experiences and tips.

I hope this web site helped address some of those issues for you. With your help, we could address even more.

What do you think?


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