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Hi. My name is Paul Davis (please call me Pauley). I got into model railroading in September 2017, not long after I retired.

As the subtitle above hints, I took (and continue to take) a different approach in developing my layout(s) than what's popular in magazines and how-to books. I thought others, beginners or not, might appreciate and benefit from my process and point of view - and share theirs.

The simple approach that I started with evolved into a method, so I created this web site to share it with those who may feel that they are in a similar situation. I was also hoping for an idea exchange, as I've found very few model railroad articles that focus on simple dioramas vs. more involved layouts.

Specific information without all my verboseness follows on page 3, A Different Way to Start.

Of course, I'll always be tweaking the site, adding new material as I expand or make changes to the layouts. So check back often.

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My most recent layout work is at the bottoms of
Layout Details, Page 11 and
Layout Details, Page 13.

  Why "Boston Type"

One of the BRB&L's

2-4-4 Mason
Another 2-4-4
behind the Lynn, MA
train station

Many years ago, I owned a graphics company in Glendale, California, called Boston Type (I'm from Boston and we provided typesetting services). Since I already had a URL (web address) and a hardly-used web site (which was not train-related) I thought it would be a fast track to get this project rolling. It turned into the perfect inclement weather/pandemic pastime.

It occurred to me to search for the phrase "Boston Type" to see if, by any chance, it had any train-related connection. To my great surprise, Whyte notation (a classification method for steam locomotives) does include a "Boston Type" with a 2-4-4 wheel configuration originally used in England.

Not only that, but it turns out that several 2-4-4s ran (by coincidence more than any other reason I can think of) on a short Boston-area narrow gauge railroad in the early 1900s. And as another bonus to me, the Boston, Revere Beach and Lynn Railroad eventually became part of Boston's rapid transit system (the Blue Line) that I rode as a kid.

Wow! How cool is that?

  Editorial Note

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Boston Type is essentially a free, evolving, self-published "how-to" book - and it is an "ad-free" zone.

I'm not trying to sell anything. There are no pop-up ads, or any other advertsing. You do not need to register or log in. No need to join, link, like, share, subscribe, or to sign in or sign up. There is no app to download. I don't want any of your personal information. I won't send you e-mail, unless you want me to of course. Any product mentioned and any link provided is a personal or viewer recommendation.

Please enjoy a few minutes in a safe, "ad-quiet" place. (There aren't many left.)

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